Lend A Hand, Take A Stand


Lend a Hand is a new app created to help foster a safe learning environment for students in grades 4-12.

The app was designed to be a reliable and intuitive outlet for students to report safety concerns, bullying, drugs, weapons, and other threats in their schools. Lend A Hand also makes it easy for school administrators and emergency responders to quickly and efficiently respond to the incidents students report.

Lend a Hand is now available for iOS and Android.

Students Report Hazardous Activity

Students use the app to privately report problems and threats in their school including weapons, drugs, bullying, and tobacco/vaping. They can rate these threats high, medium, or low. The app provides a comfortable, familiar avenue for this digital generation to let adults know about the problems they face without the fear of retaliation for making the report.

Administrative Experience


School administrative staff and law enforcement officials can immediately view and respond to threats that have been reported through Lend a Hand by students in their area. All administrative staff in a school are notified whenever a threat is made. When serious incidents are reported, like weapon or drug threats, the app automatically notifies law enforcement.

An official responds to a threat in the app the incident is marked “in progress.” When administrators determine the report has been addressed, the threat can be marked “completed.”

With the help of this tool, safety issues can be dealt with quickly, discreetly, and often before they escalate into something more serious.

Lend a Hand is also backed by a web interface which allows chosen administrators to view and manage all users, reports, and other data related to the app.

App News & Updates


Hundreds of elementary and high school students in the Pikeville Independent Schools are the first students to try out the Lend a Hand application. Bit Source has partnered with Pikeville to be the pilot program for an exciting new application that…
Posted on Aug 29, 2019